Ginger Bread House Tradition Continues…

Yesterday Britny and her sweet doggy Zoey spent the day with us.  What I thought was going to be a low key and uneventful day ended up being a super fun day making ginger bread houses with my boys and one of my best girlfriends.  We made a run to the store where I actually gave in and allowed the boys to push the small grocery carts.  This usually ends badly but this time they did a fantastic job!  We purchased some graham crackers, icing and lots and lots of candy!  Once we got home we set up shop at the kitchen table.


The boys were so excited to start building their houses and enjoyed snacking on candy all day long.  I was pleasantly surprised that Easton and Abbott were really into it and didn’t lose interest!  They took their ginger bread house making very seriously and wanted everything to be perfect.  Abbott thought it was a race and kept saying “you lose” and “I win” and “I finished.”  Stinker…





Once the boys went to bed Britny and I decided to spend the evening listening to Christmas music and decorating our very own houses.  We sat for hours talking and laughing and decorating and then of course we had a photo shoot.  It wouldn’t be SC and Peta time if we didn’t have a silly photo shoot.









I’m very proud of all of our houses and I know my Grandma Collins was smiling down on us from heaven as I was continuing the ginger bread house tradition that she started with me and my sisters oh so many years ago.  Love you and miss you grandma!



My Nude Dude

This morning as I was scrolling through pictures of the boys on my phone I realized that my baby rarely wears pants and often times is completely nude for a good portion of his day.  For those of you who stop by to visit or for our neighbors who see him in the front and back yard I can assure you that Abbott does have a closet FULL of clothes and I do actually dress him daily.  Somehow in spite of my efforts to keep clothes on this child he always ends up in the nude.  He is my little nude dude!  I guess at 2 1/2 years old it’s acceptable and it definitely makes for some cute pictures!


Yep that’s right, he doesn’t even put pants on for the Stanley Steemer guys!


It’s a game of strip Don’t Break the Ice!


My pantless gangsta!


And we decorate the Christmas tree naked too!


Just a casual ride of Rody with no pants.


Playing trains with daddy and Easton. Who needs clothes anyways!


My favorite! This morning in the middle of a game of football with his daddy he had to “Poo-ey”

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving before the feast begins we all go around the table or the room (as many families do) and say what we are most thankful for.  Most of us say things like “I”m thankful for my family” or “I’m thankful for my healthy children” or “I’m thankful for this food.”  You know, the usual things to be thankful for.  This year when we asked my 4 year old (who chose to eat the giant turkey leg that he referred to as a chicken leg) what he was thankful for he smiled and said “I am thankful for mamaw’s upside down chicken!”  The room exploded with laughter!  My mother, who is a wonderful cook and someone who has prepared many amazing turkey dinners accidentally baked the turkey upside down.  All morning she was cursing herself and we were all lovingly poking fun of the slight error in turkey preparation.  Apparently Easton had caught on to the joke and decided that dropping his punchline during our sentimental moment around the table was perfect timing…and it was! 

P.S. Mom your turkey was still delicious!